Cluedo, a slot machine, is based on the popular board game. It has been sold worldwide by millions. Cluedo is all about solving a crime. Cluedo Slot Machine has exciting graphics and a fast pace because of all the suspects, murder weapons, and rooms in the Cluedo Mansion.

Cluedo Slot Machine is a great place to play if you love the board game. Miss Scarlett and Reverend Green were among the murder suspects. Colonel Mustard is also included. The bonus game will feature familiar rooms like the library and study and the usual weapons such as the candlestick, lead pipe, and revolver.

Cluedo has five reels and 15 winning lines. These winning lines are distributed over the 15 symbols you get each online spin. You can play between one and five coins per reel. There are between one and five coins per spin. You have a greater chance of getting them, as with all bonuses. The more you play per spin, the higher your chances. It is best to play as many winning lines as you are comfortable with for big wins.

Cluedo’s bonus round is “Who Won It”, a play on the word “whodunit”. This bonus game can be activated by three symbols of “Who Won It” located on a payline. The bonus game is guaranteed to win!

Choose a murderer or a room to play, and you’ll get a multiplier bonus through the murder weapon. If you are not happy with the initial bonus, you can choose to reject it at Cluedo Slot Machine. After that, there are three additional attempts. No matter what happens, you will receive the third bonus prize. As the highest prize, 2,250 coins are offered in this bonus game. If you gamble, it is worth refusing to accept any win below 200 cents.

If you get five of the “wild” symbols in a pay line, you can win a huge jackpot of 250,000 coins.

Cluedo has some amazing sound effects and bright graphics. All symbols are identified and well-represented.

Cluedo Slot Machine has an average return of 96% and one of the highest payouts on the internet.