Games of Thrones SlotGame Of Thrones – 243 Ways is an exciting and exhilarating casino video slot that was developed by Microgaming. It comes with three rows and five reels.

You will drive yourself to extreme lengths of excitement when you win prizes after travelling online from Westeros to Essos, all for free!

You are guaranteed good winnings in this game coupled with the many exciting bonus features at your disposal. As is available in other free casino video slots, you have the option of playing Free Spin games. When three or more symbols of the throne show on your screen, this option will be activated. The reels are replaced by house banners on the screen. You will get the winning multiplier and your free symbols when you pledge allegiance to any of the four houses of Westeros. Your chosen house’s symbol is then stacked. This feature is re-launched the moment three or more symbols of the throne appear on your screen.

You can also win random cash even if only two throne symbols appear. The stacked Wild symbols are represented by the logo of Game of Thrones. The symbol of the throne is the only game symbol that can’t be replaced.

Playing The Game

Simply overcome all obstacles on your way in the mystical realm of Westeros and aim for the Iron Throne.

There are two versions offered by Mr Green for this online pokie game. You can either play 243 Ways or try the 15 Payline version. The 243 Ways version is however your best option if you want to win big and boost your account balance.

When you play the 243 slot version, you can maximise your winning when you use a 5x Free Spins multiplier to reel in your highest paying symbol and thus win bigger than in the 243 Ways.

However, for better flexibility of betting range, the 15 Payline version is your best bet. In this version, you will be able to set a betting range from 0.01 to 0.10; while the 243 game version allows only a range of not more than 0.02.

It is within your power to decide the option that best suits you. It is often best to spin with both versions. Mr Green gives you the freedom to try both versions by playing on the free mode and then decide your favourite version.

Playing on free mode will give you the opportunity to sharpen your playing skills. When you have achieved this, you can now create your Mr Green account then try your best to overcome all obstacles, possess the Iron Throne and win real money!

 The Exciting Bonus Features

The developers at Microgaming have used their expertise and technological superiority to create bonus features that will replicate the same thrills and addictive tendencies of the original Game of Thrones TV series. These features give you the ability to choose from any of the various houses of Westeros representing different Free Spin sets, stacked symbols, and multipliers.

Your appetite for adventure will be satisfied when the Ancient Coin is spun and settles favourably for you. You will then marvel at the breath-taking excitement you will have on moving through the Trail Map on Westeros streets with their many hideous creatures.

Top gamers know the importance of making a wise choice of a house. In the 15 Payline version, pledging allegiance to a house wisely could put you on the path of earning as much as 75,000 coins. This can also make you earn as much as 121,000 coins when you play the 243 Ways version.

Your Free Spins

In Game of Thrones, you reel in just three Scatter symbols of the Iron Throne to indicate the house that you have pledged allegiance to. The bonus round in which you can make your favourite choice between the four Westeros houses is activated by three Scatters. The different sets of Free Spins, stacked symbols, and multipliers are represented by the four Westeros featured in the bonus round.

You can make your choice from these houses of Westeros:

House Baratheon

Choosing House Baratheon gives you the Baratheon symbol that is stacked to 3, and a 5x Multiplier on 8 Free Spins.

House Lannister

House Lannister gives you the Lannister symbol that is stacked to 4, and a 4x Multiplier on 10 Free Spins.

House Stark

Gives you the Stark symbol that is stacked to 5, and a 3x Multiplier on 14 Free Spins.

House Targaryen

This gives you the Targaryen symbol that is stacked to 6, and a 2x Multiplier on 18 Free Spins.

The Wild Symbol

This logo is same as the logo of Game of Thrones. It can replace any other missing symbols on any winning combination or Payline just as is typically the case with slot games. It however does not replace the Scatter symbol and this is understandable because the value of Scatter bonuses is usually higher than the amount staked.

The Scatter Symbols

The Scatter symbol is the Iron Throne. The Free Spins bonus round is triggered when three or more Scatter symbols are landed across the reels. You can then make a wise choice of a house and utilise the stacked wilds, Free Spins, and multipliers fully.

In the event that you land only two Scatter symbols, you will still have the opportunity of benefitting from your Scatter bonus, randomly multiplied on your stake.

Your Rewards

Reaping maximum rewards for being a top Game of Thrones gamer is guaranteed when you successfully pick any of the lettered symbols which resemble actual weapons for slaying enemies. You will be able to win between twice your stake to hundred times of it when you find three to five matching letters. The next big deal will be to track down the symbols representing the four Westeros houses.

You will win three hundred times the amount you staked if you are able to get five Targaryen Dragons. Five Stark Wolves will earn you four hundred times your stake. Five Lannister Lions equal to five hundred times of staked amount, while five Baratheon Stags will make you richer by six hundred times of your stake.

The Blackjack – A Few Tips For Splitting Your Cards

A beginner can easily let their guard down when playing Blackjack by not splitting their paired cards at the correct times. Some people may not know enough about Blackjack to be able to separate their cards, while others can consistently break their pairs.

The wise Blackjack player will know how to find the happy medium. Splitting cards is a way to maximize your profit. It is important not to let greed get the best of you.

Below are five simple but essential rules to help you split cards.

1 – Never split a pair of face cards or 10s.These hands (20 made the 20s) are the best you can make. Keep your hand in your hand and get your chips.Always.Splitting your cards against a weaker dealer card might be appealing, but it is ultimately a losing strategy.

2 – Play pairs 5s as a 10. Double down with your pair 5s unless the dealer has an Ace or 10. Otherwise, it is a good idea.

3 – 16 is considered a bad hand. This is the worst hand. Split a pair of 8s, and the dealer will get a couple of 18s.

4 – A pair of aces is the best way to split your winnings. This split is so good that most casinos have rules that you must take your winnings with you after breaking. It would be most acceptable if you always split your aces most acceptable.

5 – Split any other pair if the dealer has a 5 and 6. This is the perfect time to make as much money as possible. Even the weakest hands might be able to beat them.

Splitting against weaker cards is a brilliant idea if you have other hands. It is best to hit stronger hands. Stronger hands include those starting at 8s and ending with aces. The more invalid cards are those between 2 and 6.

These rules are not applicable in the following situations: If you have a pair 9s, a pair 4s, or a dealer with a 7.

Try to get an 18. It would be best if you desire an 18. Splitting a pair with 9s is a good idea unless the dealer has a 7, 10, or ace. Although this may seem counterintuitive, a crucial blackjack strategy is behind it.

You can beat a seven almost every time. You should also be aware of premium dealer cards when you have an 18The average game will show that the remaining splits are the most effective moves you can make.

What is the most difficult hand to play with? A dealer 7.

Playing against a dealer 7 requires you to hit with 4s and 6s and then split the other pairs. This is a dangerous play. However, in the long-term, splitting pairs of 2s or 3s and 7s or 8s against a dealer will be the best.

These rules have been tested and proven effective. You should begin to notice the benefits almost immediately if you can memorize them, but don’t be afraid of making flashcards for reference in the beginning.

Good luck with your Blackjack game. But, like most card games, the fundamental rule is to have fun.